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04-27-2013, 04:49 PM
No Eject Warp Plasma/Vent Theta Radiation, if you are going to make all these silly rules... Invisible gas clouds immobilizing your ship is BS.

Temporal inversion Field on a 3 minute cooldown at the cost of equiping a Garbage Blue Chroniton Beam Bank, and a Temporal disruption device.. and all for a 20 second movement debuff and a few extra seconds on your cooldowns, I do not see as BS.

Graviton pulse is also cleared easily by engineering team, but no one wants to play engineers, or has space on their bar around their TT and ST, so its considered BS? Anyone who fits that console Would be gimping themselves out of valuable space, if only people had ET.

Seems to me that select people of the few who play pvp have decided what the meta-game is based on the style they want to play, (Sci + tac)and call everything that doesent fit that meta game is 'BS'.

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