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04-27-2013, 04:50 PM
Edited to sound less whiney:

One Thing that may need attention:-

Eject Warp Plasma and Vent Theta Radiation should be also be considered for the banned list. Until Cryptics Cloud Graphics are updated/fixed, As I cannot see F all on my screen when people spam it.

I'm not a bad pilot but i cant avoid what i cant see, I'm not the only one experiecing this and ive seen people complaining about it in Opvp, these even multiple forum posts here in the pvp section. I'm not running this game on a low end system either:

CPU: core i7 5.0GHz OC
Ram: 16GB
GPU: 2x 2gb Sapphire 7950's

I've tried low and high settings.

So these powers need considering for the banned list, I don't have a problem with EWP or VTR, if I could see it I could avoid unless I'm held in place purposely and they drop it on me or I'm chasing and they release it, thats skill and tactics, but invisible clouds = no fun.

Consider this a concern, not a moan and groan.

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