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04-27-2013, 05:34 PM
I have now played up to the mission "The Search For New Romulus". I've really enjoyed the storyline, it certainly feels like Star Trek. A lot of Romulan NPCs are using Starfleet rifles in the tutorial and in the cutscenes, but I assume that will be fixed soon.

There are three things that I have noticed though. First, Romulan D'deridex Warships are destroyed far too easily. One heavy plasma torpedo though the shields and it's gone. They also don't pack much of a punch against players.

My second concern is the Tholian commander in the mission "The Search for New Romulus" needs to have his fire attack toned down (and science captains need to be given a better kit). When he pops that it's either a oneshot, or you die two seconds later. I consider myself quite good at ground, and I died two times as a science captain due to his fire attack. The third time I sent my bridge officers to distract him while I sniped him at range with a sniper rifle. Keeping him at least 34 meters away from me. A new player wouldn't know to do that.

Lastly, science captains are given the sonic pulse kit in the mission "Gasko Blues". Sonic Pulse is great at higher levels, but this kit has so few uses at low levels as a standalone ability. Against tholians it's utterly useless unless you also have Electro Gravitic Field to disable them. For a new player with poor gear I would rather have the medical tricorder kit. It would be very nice to see science captains to gain the medical tricorder kit during "Gasko Blues" rather than the useless Sonic Pulse.

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