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Originally Posted by wormsigns View Post
i bring up this point in hope that some one that knows a thing or two about this kinda thing.
plasma seems to be the best dmg type from what ive read and seen. that being said i will bring some points to light.

1: set bonus romulan thing that while its only 7,9% still is extra dmg modifier.
2: ontop of that set some science consoles also give a bonus to plasma dmg.
3: ontop of the set and the science consoles you still have your tactical consoles to add in.

so i ask. is plasma the most viable pve dmg type? some people say "hey polaron is awesome sauce" to them i say omg a 25 drain every once in a while what ever will i do.... pop a device.
some people also say tet is the best. and that i can see but i would need to see some solid numbers before i make fun of it.

also sorry for the bad English skills still working on it. ^_^
I would say have fun and stick with plasma if you like it. Unless you're min-maxing DPS and parsing every mission I don't think energy type really matters as long as you stick with just one.

The Answer used to be anti-proton because of the modifiers, I use them on my fleet Defiant. Having said that I rolled a KDF alt that uses polaron weapons, with the Jem'hadar set, and does fairly well in Elite STFs. I can place 2nd or 3rd in almost every CE event run with either toon.

You are correct that with the Romulan set, fleet consoles, and plasma tactical consoles you could do a respectable amount of damage. You would certainly be armed well enough for an elite STF. Plus- with the exception of fleet science consoles- it can all be easily obtained through the reputation system

It also depends on play style and the ship you fly. I fly a fleet defiant with 3 Dual Heavy Cannons and an Omega Torpedo launcher. The Romulan set includes a beam- which I don't use.