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04-27-2013, 06:40 PM
JFC LOG -- Stardate: 90926.35

It seems that while I have been away, my wife has chosen to play.

I received a communication from her today. She informed me that not only has our daughter successfully graduated from the Imperal Academy, but my wife awarded her command of one of the ships belonging to our house, the House of Rha.

Honestly, I'm very proud of my daughter, Lursana --- bursting at the seams proud.

But to place her in command of a cruiser? ... I admit I would have placed her aboard one of our ships as a first offcer, however, my Sa'LeI swears that I am simply over protective of our child.

My wife is quick to point out that Lursana has the blood of Rha flowing through her veins ... my blood ... which makes her an honorable warrior capable of handling herself.

And it would seem that ... yet again ... my wife would be correct.

Our daughter, Capt. Lursana, has already proven herself in combat.

She participated in a battle against the True Way, boarded their command ship ... and has brought it home as a captured prize.

Although my daughter was given one of the older cruisers within our fleet, I believe should she continue to prove as successful ... we will have to give her one of the new fleet ships currently under construction.

Glory to my daughter! Glory to our family! Glory to the House of Rha!

Qapla' !!!


-- Gen. Hauk

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