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Originally Posted by espiritas View Post
Hmmm... When it comes to the weapon bonuses (acc, dmg, etc), like most things, ultimately it is up to the player. However personally I reccommend crtH first, with accuracy or crtD second.

The [dmg] damage bonus is constant, but it is also minimal, adding (depending on the weapon) about 100-200 dps to the base damage. (and sometimes less). As a basis for comparison, a mark XI dmg x2 does the same base dps as a white mk XII

While ACC is invaluable for PVP given that player ships tend to have large evasive bonuses, and damage potential is useless unless you can actually hit your target, it is far less needed in PVE. Though having at least one ACC bonus is useful in assisting with shooting down the dangerous projectiles like high yield torps- which can be a hard target at times. Though not needed at all if you have the accurate trait.

crtD gives a decent boost to crit damage, but is only really viable if you have a heightened crit chance. this works well when combined with the zero point module, tachio-kinetic converter, and borg assimilated console.

crtH is similar in that it boosts the crit damage you deal but through making it happen more often. this also combines very nicely with the crit boosting consoles and allows you to deal massive bursts of dps when combined with rapid hit weapons like dual heavy cannons (which also have an inherant crit boost) and cannon rapid fire/spread. With crthx3, the consoles, and tac buffs the crit rate can reach phenomenal heights giving a consistant and high boost to dps.
I would have to agree with this. In reference to the CrtH bonus and using it with weapons that have an innate CrtD bonus, that is why I used the AntiProton weapons example. The Bonnus for AntiProtons is a +20 CrtD Bonus, which makes critical hits that much more valuable, which in turn makes CrtH bonus that much more valuable. I use them on my escort with the Assimilated console and Zero Point Module. I am not using the TachyoKinetic converter, because I think it would be far better used on my science ship due to the turn rate and Graviton boost.