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04-27-2013, 10:31 PM
As others have mentioned, Romulan/Klingon players seem to have some trouble starting this one. I tried to skip ahead and took the "Manhunt" mission, but unable to travel to KDF space to complete it. The mission is rated for lvl 10, so either the rating should be fixed, or the restriction should be lifted.

I made my character extra large and the clothing doesn't cover properly, especially in the "Brawler" stance. I'm hoping that "Klingon scowl" is something we can opt out of in the future.

The environments you guys have created are awesome and I was really happy to see a Suliban tie-in. I would like to be able to relocate the bridge officer comment boxes (as a part of the HUD layout) but that is a feature I really like. For too long, the bridge officers have been a mostly inert part of the game. I like that they are more a part of it and chime in comments periodically.

ThanX for the beta invite, I've been loving it!