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Ooc: ok now to post. Gr I hate work sometimes.

Jacob sits in his lab tesseract sitting in a housing unit in the center of the lab. He sits in a ONI scientist uniform with a black lab coat over the ONI uniform.

Roland: sir shall I send that recording to vanguard.

Jacob : no delete it. Let me retry

Roland : sir if I may point out this is your 9th time working on your message.

Jacob: thanks Roland.

Jacob turns his attention to a corner of his lab where his next suit is half done. He has taken the info Talmus had given him to upgrade a suit.

Jacob: ok I'm ready this time.

Roland: are you sure. Ok recording.

Jacob : ok everyone. I want to update everyone and let them know I'm fine. Been busy and time just slipped away. Ok I'm sending you a few attached files. It's not much but it should help you with your gear armada. I'm sending you some imperial weapons specs and yes I hav that clearance. Also I'm sending you an upgrade to paces I've been working on. Also here I an update you might want for the power source to upgrade power by 30% and mobility by 48%. Might come in handy. Everyone else I'm sending you some gear updates you all might like. I'm also sending you some info that imperial intel found. Now me and Roland haven't been able to find out what these symbols are still running then through our database though. And this image was taken about a week ago. It looks almost like a star was there and then gone. And I don't know about the federation but the empire seems to think something's up. We've lost 5 ships in the outer colony sectors in the past 2 weeks. So any way hope the info helps out and keep every one ...

Roland: sir unauthorized entry in sector 8

Jacob: ok I got to go. Contact me soon

Jacob ends the comm and heads for the suit before stopping remembering its not ready. He walks to the wall pulling out a pistol and a rifle. Holstering the pistol he loads a clip into the rifle. Before hit in the silent alarm and heading to the point of intrusion.

As he is walking down a hallway the power goes out.

Jacob: Roland report

Roland: primary power is offline security is ready to meet you at the point of the alarm.

Jacob : good

He soon reaches th spot with two ONI rapid response troopers at the door.

One trooper looks at Jacob who nods as he opens the door as the enter. The room is a disaster with claw marks everywhere.

Trooper: what did this

Jacob: I have a bad feeling its was a tetrycon.

The troopers tighten there grips on there weapons.

Trooper: how did it get in.

Jacob: a good question if that's wht it is.

Ooc: also imperial weapons basically shoot rounds equal to a mini photon torpedo. Making them a devistating weapon.
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