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04-27-2013, 11:38 PM
While it does depend a lot on the PUG you end up in, I've gotten every placement possible on my Eng and Tac toons. Eng is in a Vesta, does excelent DPS and a bunch of healing, primarily on self to keep from going pop, but the fermion field does heal others as well, so it's a bonus. Tac is in a non-fleet armatige. Using the torpedo turret console helps when in range of the shards as well as the main target. In that one I use EM to get out of the way once it starts absorbing so I can survive the shockwave and pound on Tholians for a bit before returning to the Entity.

Ohh, before I forget, use Feedback Pulse, the 'matter conversion beams' will trigger the pulses and a good aux level/skill set will see almost 75% damage reflected. And the multi-dimensional graviton shield will protect from shards and help damage the entity for over 100% reflected damage if speced right. Now the real beast with the Vesta is the deflector phaser, with the right consoles and skill spec I've gotten it to over 4.2K DPS by itself. With maxed consoles (Mine are Mk XI blues) I'm betting it'd hit 5K DPS or bloody close to it. A rapid fire on three aux dual heavy cannons plus the deflector phaser plus the two power level eng abilities (plus power and drain resist) will keep the DPS maxed without having anything like APA available.