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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
There are drawbacks. Performing a successfull alpha strikes in a BoP is far more difficult thensimply activate damage buffs + CRF as in an escort.

In addition, after an alpha strike of an BoP - successfull or not - the pilot need to wait min. 1 min to be ready again.

Further, most alpha strike build arevery restrictive to PvP and quite sub optimal for PvE which demands ship or at least Boff layout switching.

Take in mind that all BoPs are only shining in alpha striking. They have lower hull, lower shield, less tac console, less weapon slots and less bridge officer then an escort.
Indeed. The basic stats of the Bird of Prey prevent it from staying in a fight. It's very maneuverable and offers build flexibility, but the shield mods are the lowest in the game, and the hull is the lowest out of all ship types outside of shuttles.

Common mistakes by new BOP users is that they try to use it as an Escort, which it simply is not meant to do. For the KDF, the Raptors and Nausicaan Destroyers are much more sturdier for that role and can hang in the middle of a constant fight, putting out damage as fast as you can hit SPACE. But a BOP is all about the surprise attacks. Lingering in a fight uncloaked is dangerous if other opposition is there.

Also, another great way to help yourself out against these decloaking strikes?

Never travel alone. The lone ship is by far the juiciest target that a BOP captain can wish for. With a friend nearby, they can do things to support you from going over the edge and blowing up, or do things to turn the tables on the BOP.

Stay on the alert, and listen for that tell tale decloaking sound.

And for goodness' sake, do NOT put your ship at a standstill!