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04-28-2013, 12:46 AM
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just make a similar skin with a few differences here and there and put a new name on it. remember reading the part about the fek'ihr class being named after a mythical creature. not sure where I got it from though.. it was a long time ago. =P

Also: Good idea to just give activision a percentage of each sale. I mean it's not even being used for anything right now.
We already have such a ship, the Vor'kang skin certainly qualifies.

It's probably not that simple regarding the rights to those ships, otherwise Cryptic would have already done it.
Or any game company would do it yet not even SFC3 had any of Interplay's designs from SFC2 due to this legal problem.
Remember that different game companies means competition and thus "would you give your stuff to your enemy, or would you leave it to rot?"

Originally Posted by lykum View Post
ty btw for the links, was wondering what the relationship was between the ship class and the actual race.
My pleasure.