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04-28-2013, 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by tinkerstorm View Post
Great work! Your revision adding more end-game ships is great. I am glad that you are continuing the work of Suricata and Spidermitch.

My only criticism is that the Advanced Transwarp Drive is not a universal console included with the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit; it is an innate ability that gives the ship additional transwarp destinations. The universal console that provides the Efficiency buff is included with purchase of the commander level Advanced Heavy Cruiser only.
You know, I had a funny feeling about that when I was creating that frame. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. I will get that altered and upload it as v3.1 in the next few days. I will add a new post here as usual when I do.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post
Hey Star,

I hope you didn't take my post to personally.

Sometimes my posts sound very harsh as I found out.

You know how much I admire your work
I didn't think your post sounded harsh at all, and didn't read anything negative in it.

Besides, you're my 'number one' fan!

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