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04-28-2013, 04:53 AM
Originally Posted by uriyaal View Post
With that Said I can honestly say I'm not worried about going into an STF and getting the bonus.
Then I seriously hope to NOT see you in any STF's.


This is 2 in a row with the exact same problem...


I PUG in and say 'HI' as usual. (Both instances)

No responce. (Both instances)

I fly right, nobody follows. (Both instances)

I look back, all four ships setting at the Kang. (Both instances)

I kill the probes and cube and both of the first spawned BOPs. (Both instances)

I fly on to cube 2 and see 2 ships have tetryons, 2 have Rainbow/Technicolor beams. (1st Instance)

I fly on to cube 2 and see all 4 have Rainbow /Technicolor beams. (2nd Instance)

Nobody is leaving the Kang to intercept the Borg, they all wait for the Borg to come to them. (Both Instances)

I kill cube 2 and fly to cube 3.

I see 2 ships die at the same time and notice they both have a slew of injuries. (Instance 2)

Optionals fails just as I start on cube 3. (Instance 2)

I complete cube 3 and fly on to kill what the other 4 couldn't. (Both instances)

The rest of both instances went on as normal.

I've had a pretty good couple of weeks until yesterday. It seemed like everyone was out to fail.