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04-28-2013, 04:55 AM
Here is my build and console layout for My AC-Refit would like some help on maxiuming its dps and tank,

Consoles= 6x spiral wave disruptors, Wide angle Q-torpedo, borg Mrk 12 Q-torpedo, Sometimes full borg set or 2x borg with maco mrk 11 shield. Have tried omega set and omega shield with 2x borg set. RCS mrk12, mrk12 neutronium armour, borg universal asslimlated console, plasma distribution manafield console, emitter array, field generator or power insulators, disruptor induction coil 3x or 2x disruptor induction coil with quantum chamber or 2x quantum chamber with disruptor induction coil.

Boff layout = lieutenant Uni - hazard emitter and science team, LTC Tac - FAW, APBeta, Ensign Tac - Tactical Team, Commander engineering - eng team, emergency power to shields, RSPolarity, EWP, LT - Emergency power to weapons and directed energy modulation.

So here is my build for my AC refit, how can I maximise its DPS and tanking so I can compete with ships in PVP. Any help would be great, Thanks

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