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Old Post. New Audience. Enjoy.

Andrea Petros woke to the sounds of battle.

The Intrepid-Class ship Diego, so fresh off the docks you could still hear the dock workers cursing at her, was being shaken down by an experienced command crew and over one hundred newly-minted Starfleet personnel, the joke being the ships life support was still venting baby-powder out of the mid-shipmen’s births. They hadn’t even left the Sol system.

Andrea had to pry open her door. The youngest of the command staff, also fresh off the Academy grounds, Andrea was being groomed for the big chair, and a patrol along the Romulan Border. Her training simulations had shown an almost psychic understanding of the battlefield, and a cool head under fire.

The door forced open, Andrea found crew on the floor everywhere. Smoke hung in the air and the primary lights were flickering. A jolt and muffled thunder shook the ship, and the new crew sat on the floor of the hallway, horrified.

“Get to your stations! Get moving, or I’ll shoot you myself!” It was a little thick, but she knew fear of battle could spread throughout the ship, and that would be the end of all things Diego.

The sound of the weapon hitting the shield told her volumes. Too low of a rumble for Romulan disruptors, too concentrated in duration for Klingon beams. Only one race threw a disruptor like that, capable of being felt through the shields: It had to be the Borg.

Allen Skagg was at the turbolift as she ran up. Allen was a wizard at the sensor board, and one of the best analysts at the academy. He could do things with computers that many instructors still debated. It was Allen that stopped her before she ran into the lift doors. “Don’t bother.”

“We can take the ladder in section 3…”

“I mean, don’t bother heading to the Bridge.” Allen activated the wall monitor and brought up a damage display of the ship. The Bridge section only showed a black outline, and everything under it flashed red.

“Oh my God, the Bridge…”

“It was Shift Change.” Allen’s calm statement burned into her stomach. First and Second Watch, all destroyed. “They knew when and where to hit us.”

Andrea was in charge. She quickly verified with the ship’s computer as she ran for the auxiliary control room. “Watch 3 to Aux-Con.” The computer reported there was one officer on-board with higher command rating. “Bridge to Engineering, Lieutenant Grayson, please report.”

“Power still functional, command codes transferred to the Aux-Con.”

“Lieutenant Grayson, Sir…”

“No. I’m needed right here. Take charge, Petros.”

“Aye, Sir.”

“No shirking for you.” Allen activated his console and the controls moved across the display until they matched his personal configuration.

A young Andorian male was already clearing debris off the navigation console, and an Orion Female was punching data into the weapons console. Officers Aquella and Vernes, although that’s not what Andrea called them during Simulation.

“Blue, 180 mark 0. Green, weapons check. Allen, tactical.”

“On screen, said Allen as Vernes added, “All weapons on-line.”

The front view screen illuminated and Andrea saw her opponent looming. Borg Cubes get a lot of press, but a Borg Sphere can ruin most ships in the Federation.

Allen brought up a display on her personal view-screen. “Looks like the shields were down when the initial attack took the Bridge. They must have come out of Trans-Warp right on top of us.”

“Where’s Sparks?” Sparks was the nickname for Knust, the Comm officer. “Allen, send code 9, Blue… 0 by 345, best speed.”

The Diego angled up fifteen degrees and headed past Mars at near-light speed, the Sphere in close pursuit.

“Aft Torpedoes, Fire!” Two angry red balls of fire arced into the sphere, covering it with fire.

“No noticeable affect.” Allen continued to stare into his monitors as another disruptor bolt smashed hard into the rear shield.

“They are trying to match our shield frequency!” Green Shouted.

“Rotate shield harmonics. Allen, something I can use.”

“They aren’t trying to tractor us, and they should be faster than we are, although they aren’t gaining.”

“Did… could we have somehow pulled them out of a Trans-Warp Conduit?”

“We might have been going to Warp right in their path. It could have disrupted their field and pulled them into normal space.” Andrea heard Allen punching figures into his console. “I’m reading some kind of noise from their reactor at 216.21 gigahertz.”

“Green, configure Phaser frequency to 216.21 gigahertz.”



The beam lanced out from the underside of the Diego and impacted against the sphere. At first, nothing appeared to happen, but a long heartbeat later green plasma began venting from the rear starboard of the dark green Sphere.

“One of their injectors is off-line.”

“Aft Torpedoes, Fire!” Again twin red orbs arced into the Sphere, but this time some of the fire seemed to stick.

“Moderate Hull damage, no forward disruptor fire evident.”

Andrea was about to give the order to turn and fight when an explosion launched her into the air and over the navigation console. She landed under the primary display screen.

“Engineering to Bridge, they’ve hit us with some kind of graviton pulse. Warp drive is off-line, and the dilithium injector is fused!”

Everything was beginning to go black, a dark tunnel was quickly closing around her.

“Into… asteroid.” Then everything went black.

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