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04-28-2013, 09:32 AM
I can answer that and give you a bit of a bump on the page, Loki joined a new fleet called Starfleet Special Operations.

Lots more laid back, no military or corporate planning, getting more to the simplier times of playing MMO's to meet friends, hang out...and get shamelessly drunk and have fun.

However we are possibly one of the littlest starbases in the know galaxy, however THRE is a very real chance we are the rowdiest.

We have already had Starfleet Patrol to our door three times this week, asking us to keep the noise down.

And no one should have to see what Loki did with a Lampshade, 4 large ballons and a Goat... dear eyes.....

Pass the mind bleach confucious and be a dear and close the blinds *grin*