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04-28-2013, 12:03 PM
Oh, I love these threads. Another pretentious player moaning about a nerf, which most people have admittedly said doesn't feel like its had any effect to them.

Think of your STO life this way: if you can manage to get a fleet up to Tier 2 solo, you can sure as hell afford to join another fleet for 10 minutes and buy the weapons there if you really must have them now since you're so put out despite a refund. Hell I'd even let you join the fleet I'm in to buy them for no charge since its only T2 gear. You're not only trying to convince folks here you're out of pocket somehow, you're arguing against fundamental game mechanics you don't seem to understand because you choose to run a solo banking fleet. I'm guessing your ideal solution here would be for branflakes and the rest of the devs to get down on their knees, apologise, give you 10 million dilithium and a completed T5 fleet just for the giggles but I have this weird feeling in my stomach that won't happen. Since you'll have completed your project by now you more than likely won't care and have paid out for the gear but hopefully this thread and the responses you've had will remind you in future to stop moaning about the small things - after all, you got your refund and you're not out of pocket over 100k dilithium.

Tl:dr - another generic comment about how your moaning in unjustified, you should grow up and enjoy the game based on how you've chose to play it.

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