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04-28-2013, 01:53 PM
Just had a good laugh in ISE.

One veteran in D'kora.
One skittles+rainbow looser from known looser fleet in Kumari (wing cannons, polaron cannons, plasma dbb and plasma torps).
One almost afker, I didnt notice what he was flying.
One apparently new guy in a Vesta, plasma beams and AP beams.

Had to rudely direct them to shoot transformer, since they just ran around trying to kill spheres. Situation repeated itself at the second trans, only D'kora guy and me were shooting what had to be shot. At this point one of loosers died at least 3 times. I wasn't even getting annoyed, just entertained. It was clear that we will miss optional - 3 guys were doing almost no damage, D'kora vet was getting all the aggro and was killed at least twice.
Tac cube showed up, spheres were scattered all over, 2 guys were shooting the gate.
I typed in team chat something like "X, stop dragging them and let them play with tac cube, it should be entertaining". Vesta guy responded with "SOB!" while being one-shotted.
They eventually managed to kill the gate, and I just was flying around, laughing, occasionally killing a stray sphere.
Couldn't really force myself to do more.
They were struggling against the tac, getting killed a lot.
Finally I started to do strafing runs, ordered my fighters to attack etc. Vesta guy was one-shotted again. I typed "keep the cube under AoE, then it won't one-shot anyone". I followed it with PM to vesta guy, "you may want to stick to single color builds, esp. with aux cannons". His response was "I don't know what anything of that means". So I replied with "thats why you get killed a lot".
I wanted to send him a friend invite and give him a crash course in basics - turned out he added me to ignore list.

Guess he just turned from newb into noob.
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