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Ok, so I decided to start running Fleet Actions as a way to pass the time and earn Dilithium in preparation for Legacy of Romulus.

Since I am usually using the Public queue system, which automatic goes on the Need/greed system, I tended to monitor myself in relation to drop items.

If I was actually going to use the item for improving my build (I am rather low level on the toon I am using, so the build could use help) I would roll Need. If I was only going to sell the item for some quick EC, I would roll Greed. and of course if I didn't think it was worth my time either way, I would pass. I figured this was fairest to everyone, especially since I don't really know any of the other players.

The thing is, this usually resulted in me greeding on everything, so I end up getting nothing as someone else always rolled need. Now I am not complaining about other people's actions. They are free to do what they want, and I certainly don't expect a bunch of strangers to follow "my rules".

But my question is, Am I limiting myself for no reason? Am I truly being fair or am I just letting perfectly good loot go by because I didn't hit need? What is the generally excepted practice with public queue groups?