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04-28-2013, 02:12 PM
well anyway.

So with the new information on how the STO Romulan faction works, well. I'll be curious to see which direction the core RR players go as opposed to Star Fleet or KDF "playing" RR.

I'm definatly KDF and I will create a RR allied with KDF, but the hard core Romulan players out there may have a few surprises in store for the Star Fleet players mind set. I am not concerned about "defections" out of the current player bases.

The players that go Romulan with characters for association in both factions will eventually choose one over the other. At Tier-5 play Romulan players are in Romulan ships though and that changes everything about any assumptions.

If its all about "winning" (I hope its not, but thats another matter) then even though there may be less well developed fleets KDF side, the make up of KDF ship, and the shared tactics uses allow a lot more synergy between specificly Klingon and Romulan ships. They're going to compliment each other strongly.

Be nice to each other in game. Extinction? (puts on John Belushi mask) Naaaaaaaaa!
Not even a thinning out. If anything, more long term growth possibilities will be opening for the KDF faction in addition to those engendered by the KDF reboot thats going to finally happen. With a full level 0 tutorial, and the restructuring of the mission progression with what I am suspecting is a KDF remastering of some missions. (which had to be in some cases remastered for "allied" Romulan players who of course would have a different take on Federation activities..*ehm!* or Empire) Success for all factions in missions results in the time line advancing (*sigh* we'll get to 2410 eventually!)

Interesting. Oh yea totally! You could right a paper on just the observed group dynamic.
Of course... it'll be when the Romulans are sitting down the road a few years going "Hi, Romulan Republic here. Kindly get your fleets out of our space. Now would be good."

I have realized that it could be a whole prophets thing over at Cryptic. Maybe ya know.

Ya'll do realize its been like this for all titles since the beginning of MMO's...

Oh, my gin has arrived!

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