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04-28-2013, 04:47 PM
Here is link to our CSE 12:41 run (although Hellspawny's vid shows 12:40) but we all got 12:41 if you watch the chat screen. We should have gotten around 12:45-12:47 as we were slow to hail. . . .

13:00 is so doable. . . . we just need to shore up a couple areas as we were trying a 3/2 L/R meet-in-the-middle tactic.

Combatlog for the non believers. And yes Gwen ganked 26.4K dps.

AND VERY IMPORTANT NOTE TO LOG: Dennis and Hellspawny's log is not even close to accurate as they went left and I was parsing at right, thus the distance missed a huge portion of their dps--so pretty much disregard their numbers. -- you have to right click and "save as" and then make sure to save it as a .log not as a .txt file.

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