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Giving up any of the BOff slots, though, I would argue against in the strongest terms. The effect of reduced skills would be to limit the customizability of the ships, reducing the variety seen in Warbirds and the viability of alternate builds. The loss of console slots, while less visible, would similarly constrict the variety of Warbird builds in the wild (especially considering the C-Store Warbird console's set bonuses).

What I'd really like to do is to be able to test the Warbird with the original -40 power balance at endgame with decent gear to get a feeling for how much impact the power penalty, the battle cloak, and singularity cloak make on what ends up being the vast majority of the time spent in the game, as opposed to how it feels while levelling up.
The more I've thought about it and looked at ships I have in game and thought "okay... so what's at 58 now should be at 48 on a warbird" and going over each thing... well... it might not be too bad really.

One thing I would really like though is instead of assigning ships where their bonus power will be, let it come from the core. Instead of deciding that the mogai will have +10 to weapons and +5 to engines, let someone choose that with a core. Instead of forcing the D'Deridex into +10 shields and +5 aux, let the core give that. If a D'deridex pilot wants +10 weapons and +5 engines... or if they could make other combinations/all 15 points to one system, I think that would be great.

I think they could do something interesting with warbirds like give them a set commander for what they think the ship is bent toward, like a commander eng for the D'deridex for being large and cruiser like, and then let the rest be universal. But that might be considered "OP." Or if they were to reduce the number of boffs, they could give warbirds a carrier like boff setup, commander set to what they think the ship is bent toward, again, I'll use the D'deridex: Commander engineer, tac, sci, lt. eng. (or better yet, lt universal.) If it had the universal lt. it could be taken more toward one specialty or another based on the play style of the captain. More tactically based ships could have a commander tac, eng, sci, and a lt. tac. (again, even better a lt. universal.)

I know none of those suggestions will probably be taken... I'm just super tired of getting stuck with a, typically, very rigid boff layout for taking a ship. You might like the look of a ship, even the stats of a ship, but it has a boff layout you don't want and you either have to suffer with it or take a ship you don't really like because it has a better boff laout for you. How about we just make all boffs universal on all ships and call it a day? Yeah?

if only...

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