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Above the debris of the asteroid belt, hiding in its shadow so that only the sickly green conduit lights could be seen, the Borg Sphere patiently shadowed its smaller prey. Charging into the field would give the Earth ship an advantage. After 7 hours, the predator began firing gravitic charges into the asteroids to shake the prey loose of them.

The Diego leapt from the debris and angled directly towards the Sphere, launching red and blue tiny suns. The red spheres were Photon Torpedoes with a standard configuration for damage. The Blue spheres were set to a frequency that was out of phase by 180 degrees. The red spheres caused no damage, but the blue sphere, although not as strong due to the modifications, caused the sphere to give pause briefly.

The Phasers from the Diego fired while the Sphere pondered briefly, set to attack the Sphere’s previous weakness, to no affect. A second beam fired anew from the underside of the Diego, its orange-yellow glow turned an almost blood red, and scoring could be seen on the hull of the green monster.

The sphere fired its beam at the Diego, immediately sending it spinning end over end. A green orb shot into the shields of the Diego, and the warp activation sequence on the Diego was interrupted.

A wide beam locked onto the Diego, sapping its shield strength and holding her in place.

The phasers rang out again, and the Sphere shrugged off the flickering beams, then the Diego went dark, her shields began to fail, her weapons power began to fail.

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields…”

A blinding white light out of the Diego erupted and pulsed through the Sphere. The monster suddenly seemed disoriented as it listed, spinning lazily until old damage could be seen again.

The Diego slowly turned back into the asteroid field, launching several torpedoes from the rear. The first 2 did no serious damage, but the last two exploded angrily across the hemisphere, scouring away hull and showing exposed green conduits underneath.

A last ray lashed out from the Diego into the damaged Sphere as green plasma exploded outward, sending it in a lopsided spin north of the solar plane.

Smoke filled the bridge. Allen pulled what remained of Blue off his console and stopped their forward advance into the now deadly asteroid field.


Static filled the bridge speakers. “Warp Engines… faster than .9 and we’ll… All forward shield emitters… Aft starboard launcher…”

“Activate EMH!”

A wobbly cloud appeared in front of her. “Please shtaaaate the nurrrrr….” And faded away.

“Allen, are we stable in the field?”

“From what I can tell.”

“Get on sensors and tell me what just happened.”

“The alternating frequency ideas on the torpedo and phasers did their part, and the subspace static pulse did seem to disorient them in the end. Our shields were no match for their weapons at full power.”

“Bridge to Sick Bay.”

There was no response.

“Looks like we lost internal communication. It looks like our last salvo cost them thruster control. I see them floating up at 180 by 90.”

“What the hell is Starfleet doing? There is no way they can’t see that, stealth or no."

“I just checked the package I set in the field as you requested. It’s gone.”

“Gone as in we lost sensors?”

“Gone, as in the sensors may be the only thing working right now.”

“How… I…” Andrea stabilized herself. “Make for outpost L9 at best safe speed.”

The Intrepid Class Ship Diego, only one day earlier was so new you could still feel the heat from the umbilical cord, showed wear beyond its time. One warp nacelle stuck in the warp position, one stuck in the pre-warp stage, with flashes of blue every now and again as the engines fought to come online. The entire upper saucer of the ship was a blackened scrap yard, and small dots along the hull identified the shield emitters that had burned themselves out protecting the ship. The saucer array was the only deflector working, with the primary array burned out with the subspace pulse.

On one of the larger asteroids in the Earth system was post L9. Built during the height of the Klingon-Federation cold war, it had seen few upgrades since the first peace talks were signed. Minimal defenses and power signature meant it had survived invasions by whale-loving probes, a Dominion strike force, and two separate Borg incursions.

Old-style locking wheels spun open as Andrea made her way into the dank facility. Her thick pressure suit gloves fumbled around for the code to grant life to this old forgotten hut.

“A-Airlock sealed,” the voice stuttered. Andrea wondered often who was the original voice for Starfleet computers. Even this old rust-box used the same voice as her ship.

“Lights.” There was no response, and Andrea realized there must be a manual switch nearby. She was beginning to wonder if she was going to have to use smoke signals to get her message through.

The dated systems were a bit dusty, but she was relieved when the transmitter station came online. She turned the power output of the old reactor to max power and sent her data streams.

She knew there would be no reply, no amount of power from her end would boost reception through whatever static the Borg Sphere was still putting out.

They may have lost the initial data, but she had guaranteed Starfleet would know about the subspace pulse, and alternating weapon phase frequencies to turn the Borg’s obsession with perfectly tuned defenses against them.

She headed back to the airlock as the entire asteroid shuddered under her feet. “Allen, what’s happening?” Silence filled her suit as she saw the airlock wheel spinning open. She pressurized her suit just in time as the door opened, sucking all the air out of the facility.

Half of a pasty face looked at her, one eye yellow and seemingly unused, while the second eye-socket was covered in a black apparatus Andrea couldn’t identify. Its skull had long since lost hair, and the skin around the skull implant had puckered and scarred in a grotesque attempt to push the alien hardware away.

One hand deathly white, the other a sharp claw.

Even though there was no air in the room, she could hear its voice as a targeting laser on its arm drifted across her pressure suit.

“We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.”