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Andrea grabber her phaser and fired, making the Borg’s personal shield appear briefly as it blocked the blast.

Her next shot was into the ceiling, which thanks to artificial gravity, fell with several tons of force. Changing the setting on the phaser she melted the debris into one giant lump of obsidian.

The transmitter console was still online. She connected to the external sensors to see the Diego floating away with all the lights flickering. Focusing on the hull she could see Borg crawling across the Diego’s skin, seeking ports they could force open.

She set the transmitter to full power and sent out a general distress on all frequencies. Immediately the asteroid was violently buffeted as weapons from an unseen ship blasted the transmitter array off the surface of the rock.

Andrea looked at her phaser, trying to decide if she should shoot herself now, or try to blow up the Borg when they broke through her makeshift wall. Already dust was starting to fall from where the Borg were blasting through from the other side.

She moved all the furniture in front of the tunnel, then burned away the connections to the comm. Tower, and pushed it out in front of her as well. She set her weapon to overload strength and waited for the first Borg to come through.

A blackened fist punched through the wall, withdrew, then broke through again. Andrea waited until there was enough of the body visible, then fired into the hole. Her new setting blasted into the Borg, and she could feel the phaser melting in her hand.

She fired again and again until the weapon was vibrating in her gloves, then she threw it through the breach. Part of the ceiling caved in near her as a blinding blue flash engulfed the tunnel.

As her eyes strained against the absolute blackness of the remainder of the tunnel, she saw a tiny green light floating toward her. She saw the outline of a sensor mounted into the head of human skull, saw a targeting laser sweep across her.

Andrea Petros broke the seal on her own helmet, allowing the air to flow out. Instantly her lungs screamed and tried to escape her ribcage as her eyes began bulging out of her head. There was a final thump from her eardrums, then she heard nothing. Her heart was pounding like she was being slammed in her chest by a pile driver.

Something bit her cheek, and fire began to spread across her face. She felt arms holding her head, felt her eyes returning to her skull. A dry, cold mouth pressed over hers and blew air into her lungs.

A thousand voices whispered, “We will save you. You are one of us. We are going to save you.” She struggled against the voices in her head and the mouth on her face, but she had no strength left in her. “We will add your distinctiveness to our own, we will give you the strength to endure. We will survive and learn all of your secrets.”

She shook her head as she screamed at the voices. The voices replied to the silent scream, “Resistance is futile. You will adapt to service us.”

“No,” she thought, but she was already slipping into the crowd of a million minds. She was traveling across the galaxy, seeing planets devoid of colors except slime green and rust brown, sickly green light flickering to reveal white flesh trapped in the hoses and armor of the Borg.

Faster she traveled, into a hellish maelstrom of color, then through the hell-clouds and towards a complex so massive it defied all words, and yet it wasn’t finished. She could see the great artificial world sprawling out like a spider web, ever growing.

“We all love you. We are your family now. We will protect you, and you will die for us.” She flew into the terrible place, twisting through corridors and up lift shafts until at last she stood before a detached head, scores of hoses attached to where her shoulders should have been, skin stretched tight over an artificial skull. “Tell me all you know, little drone.”

“Enemy,” she thought to the creature.

“No, I am your mother. I am your father, and brothers, sisters and lovers. I am everything to you, for I am we. We will learn all you know, and teach you all you will ever learn.”

Andrea flew into the eye of the creature, and everything went black.

She threw a punch, and it connected. Immediately she tried to roll to her side, but she had been placed up, on a table or bed. She felt herself hit the ground as she forced herself to stand.

“Miss Petros, stand down.” She felt something grab her arm and she pushed it away. She noted, even in her panic, that whatever she pushed away was very light, or she was insanely strong.

“Where am I?” Andrea screamed as she felt a wall on her back. “Tell me!”

“You are in San Fransico, in the bay. We have separated you from the collective, and are removing the Borg technology.” The voice sounded weak, and from far away. She could hear several other people running toward her.

“Why can’t I see?” Several strong arms grabbed her and something electric shocked the back of her neck. “Why… can’t I see?”

“We are working as fast as possible. Please rest now. I promise you, you will see soon.”

“That voice. Are you an EMH?”

“No, Miss Petros. I am THE EMH.”

The Shock to her neck finally pulled her back into the black void.

“No!” Her hands shot out in front of her. Bandages of all shapes and sizes crossed her arms and hands. She felt her head, and the lack of hair on it. She was cold; she felt she should be able to see her breath. Her eyes hurt, like she had been reading technical manuals for a week. Even in the twilight of the room seemed too bright.

“Computer, increase temperature twenty degrees.” She said.

“Computer,” A voice said from the darkness. She twisted around to see a man of average height. His face was thin, almost gaunt, but even in the darkness she could make out muscles under his uniform. “Increase temperature ten degrees, and make me an ice tea, five degrees centigrade.”

“Where am I? What happened… how long…?”

“Slowly, Lieutenant. San Francisco, you were assimilated by the Borg, for about sixteen hours.”

“I don’t remember anything.”

“That is apparently common with short-term abductions. We have purged your body of all Borg technology, save some nano-probes in your lymphatic system.”

“Why did it take you so long to find us?” Tears ran down her cheek, and they burned a little. Shivering, she pulled the bed’s blanket as tight as she could around her.

“This is going to be hard for you to hear. Just know that you may have saved the Federation from invasion. You will hate me, but I did what I had to do.”

As the man put another blanket on her, he whispered softly into her ear, “We were always there.”