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“You left us to die.”

“Lieutenant, you must understand.”

“I understand my helmsman cooked into his console.” She got onto her feet, her legs felt weak, but there was a fire burning through her. “I understand you were willing to sacrifice one hundred and thirty people…”

“To save billions, maybe even trillions of lives.”

She made her way around the bed. “For the greater good.”

“Yes! Yes exactly!” As he spoke she shoved him back against the close wall at the head of the bed. His momentum bounced him off the wall, and she grabbed him by the arm, using his own inertia to force his body into a forward fall, which she leaned into and forced his fall into the adjacent wall.

He hit face first, tried to recover as he bounced off that wall, but not before she grabbed his other arm and threw him into and over the table next to her bed.

“All you Black Ops ever talk about is the greater good. Kill one that a thousand may live, kill a hundred and save the galaxy! The greater good is nothing but the lesser evil, and you killed my ship for it!”

“Please, Lieutenant Petros.”

“Shut up, save your speech. I’m not buying.”

A hologram formed in the center of the room. “Please state the… Oh my God! This is San Francisco, not the Klingon Homeworld! Get out of here, Mr. Smith, and stay out until I deem her ready for debriefing!”

“Doctor,” he smiled, “With all due respect…”

“Computer, enact EMH Protocol Three.”

“Doctor, please!” And then the man dematerialized.

“Miss Petros, please return to your bed.”

“I think I’m done being told what to do today.”

“I can see you're upset,” the Doctor said with concern in his voice and on his face, “But I’ve already established a force field around this room, and will flood it with anestisine…”

“Please,” she said, burning tears swelling out of her eyes, “Don’t make me sleep.”

“Alright, return to your bed, I won’t force sleep, but you must rest.”

He guided her back to her bed, Andrea having expended her rage on the evil little man in the Starfleet uniform began to feel the price she was going to pay.

“I did extensive surgery on you today. Hold still while I scan you.”

“Doctor, have you treated anyone else today?”

“A great many, from bumps and bruises to a heart and lung replacement.”

“Allen Skagg?”

“Oh yes. No! No, not the major surgery,” he added quickly as she became alarmed, “Mister Skagg had some contusions, nothing more. You were my big operation for the day, truth be told.”

“Why you, Doctor?”

“I see you have forgotten our conversation after you threw me across the room. I’m quite well, thank you.” He looked sternly at her before smiling dryly and continuing. “I was the only Doctor on Voyager for seven years, and have had more experience with the Borg than any doctor, Flesh or Light, in the entire Alpha Quadrant.” He finished with his tricorder and sat down beside her bed. “You will be fine, provided you don’t kill anyone before morning.”

“No promises.”

“You Cyborgs are all alike.” He said with a dry smile. “Now, what shall we do, hmm? I hear the Vulcan Championship team is playing the Andorians on Risa.”

“Wow, I forgot all about that. You think they’ll let us watch?” She nodded to the ceiling.

“I certainly hope so. I have money on this game. Computer, show us the Sector Soccer Championship on Risa.”

There was a brief pause before the center of the room produced a floating screen. A huge arena housed millions of screaming fans of all races as the announcers, Andorian, Vulcan, and Human, were discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the teams in question.

She looked at him, trying to get the look of a child on Christmas Eve. “Seats?”

“I said you needed to rest. Seats wouldn’t be that restful.”

She continued to look at him.

“I am a computer projection. I am beyond such human emotional prodding.”

Andrea and the Doctor watched the game from box seats, eating popcorn and drinking a Risan beverage called Coolie.

After the game was over the Doctor sat by her bed and talked with her, things which those watching her would have found inconsequential. Then when she was tired of talking, he sang, he seemed to know every song ever written. He sang with a softer and softer voice, until she finally drifted off, and continued singing for the remainder of the evening.

She dreamt of smoke and fire, asteroids and hellish green beams of death, flying across damned worlds and into the mouth of hell itself. She watched it all with detachment, hearing the Doctor’s voice with her in the dreamworld.

When she woke the Doctor was gone. The evil little man had returned, armed with a hand phaser.

She laughed at him even though her eyes showed just how much rage she still had to give.

“You were right.” He said. “Your ship pulled a Borg Sphere out of a Transwarp conduit.”

“Too bad I can’t prove it.”

“But you did. I took the probe you launched into the field near L9. I have all the data your ship collected from that moment until you launched the probe. I have the data you sent to Starfleet regarding your phased attack.”

“What I don’t have, Miss Petros, is the destination of the second stream of data you sent to Earth.”

“It must be hard, for a man like you, not to know something.”

“Honestly, it’s usually harder on the person that knows. You broke protocol.”

“I was being jammed, I sent a second stream to guarantee my report would reach someone on Earth.”

“But who would… Ah. Miss Hansen, of course. No wonder I couldn’t find a data transcript.”

“The Daystrom institute has Top Secret Clearance when dealing with Borg information.”

“I hope, for your sake, you continue to have the right answers Lieutenant. We are a long way from getting out of this mess."

He turned and walked out the door. “Get cleaned up. We have a great deal to talk about.”