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10 minutes later Andrea appeared in the Hallway, her newly provided uniform fitting a little snug.

“Shall we take a brief tour, Lieutenant?”

“It’s your latinum. I figure you will just erase my memory when we are done here.”

“When you were fighting the Borg, what was the one ship you wish you had at your side?”

“The Sovereign-Class Enterprise, although just about any ship in the second encounter would have saved lives.” Andrea could feel the heat coming to her cheeks again, but she had made that point last night. There was a not-so-fine line between expression and being undisciplined. Besides, the site of him armed after their encounter last night was enough to bring a smile to her face.

“Did you ever look at the Defiant specs?”

“I spent a good two days on them, but I like a more traditional ship. The Defiant has her place, but I would like a more general-use ship than one useful only for combat.”

“Had you been on the Defiant instead of an Intrepid…?”

“I wouldn’t have had access to the subspace pulse, nor would my sensor officer have found the power variance during the initial encounter. You out-think the Borg, you can’t out-muscle them.”

“True, but what if we could level the field some?” Mr. Smith opened a viewport in the wall, revealing the San Francisco bay, or more accurately underwater in San Francisco bay. In the water outside the window, in a partially concealed hangar, was the most bizarre ship Andrea had ever seen.

The Ship was about the size of the Defiant, maybe a little larger. Three warp nacelles blended into the back of the ship, angled in such a fashion they looked like they might connect in back. The warp engines looked the standard Federation blue and red, but a stripe on the outside of each coil ran down the length and was a glowing yellow.

The nose of the ship was reminiscent of the defiant, and three emitters lined the nose above the navigational deflector that reminded her of the Defiant pulse phasers, but the emitters didn’t look like phasers or disruptors. There was also the twin quantum torpedo launchers recessed into the port and starboard, looking like they side launched, or used a pop-up turret launch system.

The whole ship seemed to be covered in scales.

“That… is one ugly son of a *****.”

“She gets the job done like no other.” Mr. Smith waited for the questions he knew would come.

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why does it have scales?”

“Cascading Shield System. The shields are designed to shunt power to a new grid nano-seconds before the emitters are damaged. It also allows for a multi-modular shield harmonic when in full defense.”

“I’ve never heard of a system like that.”

“You still haven’t.”

“Right. The dorsal yellow-plasma conduits?”

“We’ll get back to that. A breakthrough in warp mechanics uses a tri-warp envelope, allowing for greater stability in the warp field.”

“I wasn’t aware of any issues with warp stability. The Intrepid’s have no issue with warp 9.9.”

The silence of Mr. Smith began to shout volumes. Andrea imagined the ship at warp, as the auxiliary amber coils activated and created a long streak of green…


“It’s probably a freighter engine compared to what the Borg have, but yes. I don’t have a warp equivalent for you, but we have a guess of thirty-five light years… a day.”

“Son of a *****.”

Again Mr. Smith remained quiet until Andrea asked what would most likely be her final design question.

“Those aren’t phaser emitters, are they?”

Mr. Smith walked down the hallway and into a conference room. Andrea followed and found a Vulcan seated at the far end of the table. He looked up and smiled at her, the smile of a predatory animal who had just eaten his fill.

“Jo’Lan Tru.” She said. The smile disappeared from the Romulan’s face.

“There is still no cloaking technology that comes close to a good, Romulan cloaking device.” Mr. Smith said as he sat down.

“And yet another opportunity for them to collect data without risking their own lives.” Andrea remained standing. The Romulan’s smile returned.

“That doesn’t explain those forward weapons.” She thought about the curved design of the ship and her engines, the almost insect-like look. “Show yourself.”

The room remained silent.

“For whatever reason I’m being shown this, I’ll be expected to trust all those involved. Please, show yourself.”

“Very sure of herself, isn’t she?” One of the chairs slowly melted, and a man of medium build, and no distinguishing features rose in its place. “Seems a bit young, considering she isn’t being programmed for the task.”

“Founder.” Andrea nodded. While not exactly an ally, the Dominion was at least not actively engaged in hostilities with the Federation, or any member of the Alpha Quadrant. The Romulan was more dubious a sign.

Romulans supplying cloaking technology, which they have never done for Alpha Quadrant missions. The Founders sharing ship design, and apparently working with Federation engineers to design a version of the phased polaron weapon that worked like a pulse phaser.

“You are obviously Tal’Shiar, and The Founder is his own.” She looked at Mr. Smith as he looked back at her with a very non-descript look on his face. “You’re not Starfleet Intelligence, are you?”

Mr. Smith said nothing.

“Tell me I’m going after the Borg.”

“You are going after the Borg, Captain.”

Andrea looked around the room one last time. “Tell me what you want me to do.”