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04-28-2013, 07:42 PM
I have been on the receiving end of dozens of alpha strikes, ranging from BoPs to Fleet Defiants. And I won't lie, they hurt. Period. There is no way around this. Your best friend is Monotanium and BFI. Also an itchy TT1 finger is helpful.

However something I have found to be amusingly effective is when you see one do that and you punch the EM3. I have had BoPs try to alpha me, and then I hit EM3 and get behind them. Doesn't work very often, since a skilled BoP pilot will just turn with you or do the same, but when it does work, I get a great laugh.

However as an eng captain, you can also hit MW/RSF. Those will counter the THY by giving you a sliver of shield. And also having an itchy EPtS3 is helpful too. Other than that, just keep an eye out, and keep your ears peeled. De-cloaking has a very distinctive sound. It gives you a split second to live or die.
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