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Originally Posted by deokkent View Post
And people that want to get to first place by extending the run by building up the entity's resistance to get the most heals, well keep doing that and people will quit on you and you will totaly end up with not reward at the end. Think about it.
You said you seen it heal and that is true but you forget its ALWAYS healing, just because you are seeing the number going up means its healing is done and its moving to start the next cycle, not its healing because the shards buffed its DR since even if that is true its only delaying its destruction.

Besides healboats can still deal damage, they have weapons are are firing at the CR because healing does not take a slot and getting first place is irrelevant outside the first unless you like random Purple Mk X gear, sure 45k EC is nice but if I want EC runs there are better places for it.

Oh and subnuking it removes the buff ...

In fact if Rep project reward go away I would say it goes back to desert town, 100 per day is pretty nice and there is a incentive for it as if it goes to daily that is pretty much the only time anyone will run it.
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