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Emergency Power to Auxiliary
Emergency Power to Engines
Emergency Power to Shields
Emergency Power to Weapons
Engineering Team

Four of these powers run on the same system and share a 15-second cooldown with each other. The fifth puts a vital defensive ability on cooldown. Noticing a pattern here? It's difficult to get any mileage out of ships with three Ensign-level Engineering powers because it's a tangled mess of overlapping downtime. It's inefficient, and it's not fun to fly.

What are some solutions we can try to make this more of a boon than a hindrance?

My solution is to remove the shared cooldowns between the Emergency Power abilities and rename them to "Secondary Power to X." This would reinforce the idea that Cruisers are filled to the brim with energy, but incurs some other balance problems that would need to be taken into account.

Escorts would be able to obtain incredible damage mitigation by stacking Emergency Power to Shields, Emergency Power to Engines, and Attack Pattern Omega all at once. One direct source of defense, one indirect source of defense, and two sources of damage resistance. In order to prevent Escorts from becoming too durable, the defense stat boost from Attack Pattern Omega would need to be removed.

Auxiliary to Battery builds would become very enticing if you were able to keep multiple system buffs up 100% of the time. That being said, between this and the upcoming Tribble changes, they would essentially be forced to use rank 1 of each system power, so the buffs they get from them wouldn't be too outrageous. This may not need any adjustments.

Engineering Team still puts Tactical Team on cooldown. Perhaps we should extend Tactical Team's shield distribution properties to the other Team powers? This would benefit Cruisers like the Negh'Var and the Galaxy because they would be able to use Engineering Team for burst heals without screwing over their defense.

Any other thoughts on how to solve this glaring design flaw?

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