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Andrea stood before the survivors of the Diego that were fit enough to serve, forty men and women that had last week been considered children in the stars, but now had the hard look of death on their faces. The bay they stood in was the size of a stadium, obviously designed to house shuttles and larger ships. Water was held at bay by a force field that ran the long length of the bay, bathing the entire area in a strange, flickering light.

“As you may have surmised by now, we find ourselves in a unique situation. Less than two days ago the USS Diego pulled a Borg ship out of a Transwarp Conduit. Despite being out-gunned, we managed to fight that ship to a standstill.”

“Now there is a possibility that we can ensure the safety of the entire Alpha Quadrant, perhaps even more. We have an experimental ship, we have an unusual alliance with former enemies, and we will be doing something no one else has tried before, save one.”

“This is a volunteer assignment…” At that, the crew of the Diego, as one, stepped forward and resumed standing at attention.

“We may be young, we may be inexperienced, but no crew is… crazier than the Diego crew.” At this the former crew of the Diego burst out in cheer.

“The only thing I can promise you is that I will uphold the standards of the Federation that we all swore to protect. That, and this will be the most interesting time of our lives.”

“Our Allies for this mission will be the Jem’Hadar and Vorta of the Dominion.” As Andrea said this, A Vorta walked into the room, followed by a score of Jem’Hadar. “Together, along with the Romulans, we have a new ship to test against the monsters in the dark.”

“You are all my crew now. No matter what flag we serve under, we serve those we honor on this ship. The Federation crew for the Federation, and the Dominion soldiers for the will of the Founders.”

“The will of the Founders!” the Jem’Hadar shouted as one.

“Sal’Ar Rei will be first officer.” The male Vorta bowed to the Federation crew assembled.

“Until today, this ship had no name. I look upon her emerald scales and see a dragon. Today I christen this ship the Granameir. Look upon her, enemies of civilization, and tremble.”

There was a pause, as there was no ship present to look upon.

“Crew of the Granameir, board your ship.” The entire bay shook as a sound not found in nature pitched high into the ears of those assembled, then lowered in frequency as it increased in volume, until the Granameir appeared, taking up almost all of the bay.

“A bit dramatic, Captain.” Sal’Ar came up beside Andrea as the crew was being beamed aboard.

“We are taking a prototype with a hybrid crew into the most dangerous action I can think of. I would have read Klingon poetry and burned incense if I had any.”

“The Granameir is actually about fifteen Earth-months old. My crew has been, ‘Shaking her down,’ for quite some time.” Both command officers looked on as the last of the crew was beamed aboard.

“We aren’t going to have an issue with who is Captain, are we?”

“The Founders are to us what gods are to you. The Founder told me you were in charge.” And that, for the Vorta, settled that.

The bridge was cramped compared to Federation standards. Chairs at all consoles were bolted into the floor, but were also designed to swivel out of the way when the Jem’Hadar took command.

“Your second wasn’t angry about your command structure?” The Vorta continued talking as they were beamed aboard.

“He’ll get his chance someday. I needed your experience with this ship in my ear, and that is the job of a first officer.”

“Seeing me higher up on the command structure should also help you with the Jem’Hadar.”

“I was hoping so.”

“They don’t give loyalty easily, Captain. They fear me because of my ability to control The White they receive. Few Vorta ever earn the respect of the Jem’Hadar, merely their obedience.”

“And you, Sal’Ar Rei?”

“I’ve done my best. Being chosen by a Founder directly helps some, but they are bred for war, Captain. This mission has been long in coming, and they are ready for a fight.”

A Jem’Hadar was standing at the helm, and Vernes was manning the weapons console. Although Allen Skagg would take command of Third watch he stood by at sensors for the initial launch.

“Take us out, Commander.”

“Captain. Helm, maneuvering thrusters, take us out light.” The warrior complied; Andrea noticed they didn’t confirm the order. When the order was given, they performed it, and that was that.

The scaled beast moved through the transparent force field and into the water, the green of the hull blending with the sea water in the bay.

“Centurion, cloak us.” The young Romulan female next to Allen, named Selan, adjusted her console. “We are cloaked, Commander.”

Silently the Granameir swam through the Pacific until San Fancisco was a memory on the horizon, then she quietly slipped out of the water and into space.

“Commander Sal’Ar Rei, your watch has the Con. I’ll be in my quarters, studying.”

Quietly the Granameir flew into the black.