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04-28-2013, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post

When you get focus fired by another coordinated team, +10% defense is not going to save you - your team will, or they won't.

That logic could be extended to everything.

Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
Its not a false choice. Stop thinking PVP all the time.

Its a nice accuracy and defense boost for PVE.

That is a benefit I want. If you people dont want it, dont use it.
I don't PvP.

A false choice is when something is so amazing you would be a complete idiot not to take it. Sure I can tank tac cubes without EPtS or Tac Team. Why on earth would I want to make the content twice as difficult on myself by doing so?


Accuracy becomes crit in PvE. Defense becomes damage not taken. Both are amazingly strong especially when compared to the alternatives. Bah this is still not the point I'm trying to get across let us try again.

If you offer a reward at the completion of a mission and one reward is worth half as much as the other but is labeled in a way that will confuse many that would make the act of choosing a reward a false choice in my book.

At the same time if you offer ability A that doubles my survivability and ability B that merely increases it sometimes by half I do not view that as a choice. But to each their own.