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04-28-2013, 11:54 PM
I kind of liked this event...
Nice to get the 50k dili ore and 1k fleet marks per character...
The additional CE space pet is nice to have, but considering I fly a Negh'var it is compared to my ship quite small. I did a total of 28 runs with 2 characters... 27 runs went like clockwork, but 1 of them was trully hell in space...
I ended up with a group who totally ignored the large fragments... Sure they tried to run away from them, all the while shooting the CE, but never the fragments. Constantly I saw players get blown to pieces because of the large fragments colliding with them.
So I made the mistake of asking in zone chat if my fellow players could please assist me in blasting away some of the large.
Immediatly I got a reply that I shouldn't shoot the large fragments because that spawns the small ones.
In no way was I able to convince them that the small frags only spawn when the large collides with a player. In the end I thought by myself screw it and I only blasted the CE and let everyone be blown up constantly. The match in the end took about 45 minutes or so.