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You get points for most of that stuff you suggested and more. My most reliable first-place ships are an Ambassador configured as a healer that spends most of the time FAWing and keeping 6 different heals on cooldown, and a Vo'quv full of standard B'rels and crowd-control powers. My least reliable winners are tacs in fleet escorts that usually have the best DPS by up to half again, but don't get points for other stuff and so get 2nd or 3rd.
In my experience (after getting 1st place with 14 characters) from easiest to hardest:

1. Carriers/Vesta. Pets seem to help a lot here.

2. Healboats. Odyssey with a single tactical console and FAW1 and APB1 as offensive skills almost always gets the 1st place.

3. Escorts. Highest DPS definitely doesn't guarantee the 1st place.

4. DPS cruisers.