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04-29-2013, 03:04 AM
So far, the only choices as a Romulan will be D'Tan, or Sela's Tal Shiar. Knowing the Tal Shiar are puppets of an alien race, use several aliens to do their bidding, destroyed the Homeworld, and keep killing billions Romulans, I don't see why a Romulan would willingly join them.
D'Tan is an idealist, but so far he is rebuilding the Romulan, instead of destroying it like the Tal Shiar. Your character don't have to agree with a reunification, but rebuilding the RSE is a worthy goal. Also, it wouldn't be the first time the RSE is siding with others powers in time of need (Duras sisters, Donatra + Picard...).

Sela is empress by title only, she have no more the right to lead Romulan than Shinzon did.

If you want to defect to the bad guy, that would mean no STF (STF is a common force between KDF and Fed, including D'Tan soon, they don't want the Tal Shiar having Borg tech). No FE involving any Iconian plot, as they are your masters after all. No fleet base, as the fed/KDF would not allow it. No kdf/fed ships. No Nukara/New Romulus, for obvious reasons, which mean no reputations.

A lot of people keep the name RSE and want to be part of it. In fact, the RSE is dead the day of Hobus supernova. Sela kept the name, but that's just that with her, a name. The meaning is gone the day she sided with Iconians.
I want to be part of the old RSE to. But I can't, thanks JJ for that.

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