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04-29-2013, 03:43 AM
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For a certain reason, I decide to rewatch the Wrath of Khan, and I am not saying it's a bad movie. Yet, in light of JJ, what do you makes it special, and what make it different from JJTrek?
First JJTrek is not star trek and never will be star trek

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The acting, the story, the settings, the morality. The obvious references to other literature - Moby **** (blasted swear-filter!) being the most obvious example, with a copy of that very book actually appearing on Khan's shelf.

The issues that they explored, such as growing older, watching younger people step into the fray. It offers a moral dilemma without a simple solution, and action that didn't come at the expense of the story. And Khan may not have been terribly relatable in STII, but his anger and frustration that stems from the loss of his loved one certainly was. And Spock's death was very well portrayed.

It just felt..... epic.
I agree with everything you just said