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04-29-2013, 03:46 AM
The main problem in balancing the traits is still building synergies: Astrophysicist may be one of the low-effect-traits, only if it (and the flow-capacitor-skill itself) becomes a weapon, then you might be able to get the real 10%-effect. So, it is just a good trait if you are using the Omega-Space-Set and the plasmonic-leech-console.
The problem about the plasmonic-leech-console is, that it's currently only available to KDF-characters.

So, we've got a few traits that really effect everybody directly (like "Accurate", "Elusive", "Peak Health" or "Lucky" for example), a few traits that apply only in specific circumstances (that you can't really calculate, "Astrophysicist" for example) and we've got bad jokes like warp-theorist (that you can calculate).

But the worst thing about the trait-revamp is that the developers seem to be not interested in feedback. Ok, they opened a Thread and asked for feedback, but they didn't offer any reward for doing so and they didn't reply to the Thread in the last 10 days.
It would have been so easy to say: "Come here, take a look at this, leave a comment and we'll send you a Dilithium-Mining-Claim (or something similar, that rewards you for the time) via mail on Holodeck". When this trait-revamp goes live, people will complain, this thread will be Cryptics excuse "There wasn't enough feedback".

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