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In the only holodeck on the crowded Granameir, Jem’Hadar fought each other in the traditional training ring. Fists, elbows, knees, feet, and head-butts flew freely as the genetically programmed warriors vented some of their natural aggression on each other.

The ring was simple, and had a post at opposite ends. When a warrior fell he touched the top of the post, and combat was not allowed to continue until both posts were lit. A dark post was admission of defeat.

Andrea had read all of these reports from the declassified DS9 logs detailing Jem’Hadar culture, but it couldn’t measure up to seeing it in person. They fought on, one warrior with a cut on his head bringing a final blow down on his opponent, who did not get up, and was dragged out of the ring.

“Who faces me? Who faces their destiny of defeat?” The warrior cried out as the other Jem’Hadar cheered his new victory and prodded each other into the ring.

Andrea casually stepped into the ring.

“Captain, as you are unaware of our customs, I will allow you the opportunity to leave the ring with honor.” The warrior looked a little perturbed at having to explain one of the oldest of his traditions to his commanding officer.

“I am aware that all are equal in the ring. I’ll accept my bruises.”

He nodded, but she could see that he was not attacking her as he had the previous combatant, but was moving slower, and striking softer.

Andrea’s chosen martial form was Shinta, taught to her by Vernes, the Orion weapons officer, and her roommate for most of The Academy. Orion women rarely had to fight, in fact the natural ability they have to affect the mating instincts of most humanoids is so strong they have to take suppressants to be allowed in Starfleet. When they do have to fight, it is often against much larger opponents, and almost always to the death. Shinta uses the momentum of the opponent against him, and its goal is to land the opponent into a wall, or hard into the ground, or other solid object.

The ring was bare, and it was considered poor form to knock over the light posts, as they were outside the ring.

Andrea did have some boxing experience from college, so she chose a traditional boxers stance, and when her opponent gave her too much of an opening, she put a quick left jab into his nose followed by a right uppercut to his chin.

Her right hand smarted, and she realized it was a bad idea to use tiny knucklebones on Jem’Hadar chins.

The warrior at that moment realized what he had been doing, and hooked a punch into her cheek, and knocked her down.

Andrea rolled back up and touched the light post. Going toe-to-toe fisticuffs would not work for her, she would try a mixed approach.

When she stepped back into the circle her opponent came at her immediately. She sidestepped him and let him fly out of the ring.

He rolled to his feet, smiled a hungry smile, and slowly stepped back into the circle. She let him advance, taking jabs at his nose, but no hard punches to that strong chin-bone. The warrior punched straight in, and Andrea slipped to the side, grabbed the arm while stepping on his foot , then used his momentum to bring him to the ground with his elbow locked by her other arm.

When he got back up, he tested his elbow, and then tapped his post.

“Do you always evade?” He said as he came back in.

“I choose my strikes carefully.”

“Well, there is a problem with that.” He struck out straight again, and she grabbed his arm as before, but this time, he did not move. Instead his elbow came out before she could lock it down and smashed into her face. The brief moment she was stunned was long enough for him to grab her shirt, and the last thing she saw was his forehead moving towards her head.

She woke on the floor, the Jem’hadar smiling widely above her. “I think the Vorta is smarter than you are.” He put his arm down to help her stand back up. “But I understand you better.”

Andrea spent the next three hours in sickbay, or what passed for sickbay on this ship. The new Starfleet design called for full holographic access to the entire ship, and the Granameir expanded that concept, so far as to have Emergency Commando Holograms ready to grab weapons and fight no matter where the incursion occurred. There was a full holographic command staff, and of course…

“You won’t be going back into that ring, will you?” asked the Doctor.

“Of course I will. I need to have the respect of my crew, and that respect for the Jem’hadar is only found in combat. Trust me, the ring is the safest place for such contests.”

“True, but they are over six feet tall, and out weigh you by double, at least.”

“If it was easy, Doctor, it wouldn’t be worth respect.”
“What I am saying is there is more than one form of combat. Don’t limit the Jem’Hadar to physical aggression. The Vorta often does this.”

“Well, aren’t you the upgraded matrix.” She said with a smile.

“On a ship this small, the doctor is also often the counselor.”

Later that day Andrea appeared in the Holodeck, the warrior was instructing other Jem’Hadar on their fighting techniques.

“A rematch, so soon?”

“Not in your ring, perhaps you’d like to try mine?” A table appeared with a chessboard setup and ready to play.

“I am unfamiliar with this game.”

“Then allow me to teach you chess. Perhaps later, you can teach me to better defend myself in the ring.”

“I would enjoy learning a new game, but you do not need my instruction to defend yourself.”


“You defend very well. In a real fight you would be hard to catch, like a terran mouse. If I need to teach you anything, it’s how to attack.”

“This sounds like an arrangement.” The rest of her day was spent playing chess with the Jem’Hadar Warlord, Genis 59. They played long into the watch, as the other warriors and Starfleet personnel alike gathered round.