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Gah, I totally missed the updates in this thread and thusly am late to reply to Your questions - for which I apologize.

Originally Posted by omegaher0 View Post
I liked the skill set up in the Fleet Excelsior build, but could I exchange a few of the ground abilities? I don't use mines and explosives (my kit has turrets and generators, which I like better), so could I switch that for something like more ground threat control or a space ability?
Of course You can switch abilities around to Your preference, the skill setup is a proposal, an idea. Nothing more.
A note on ground kits: do keep two kits on Your char, the Enemy Neutralization MK X (very rare) and the Fabrication Specialist (very rare or get the fleet embassy version as they will offer a better turret and QuickFix in the latter versions). As there ground missions like end of Infected or parts of Cure - where a Turret will unneccessarily draw the aggro of an entire room - I prefer alternating between the two kits. Most of Kithomer and Cure can be done with the Enemy Neutralization kit and helps to speed up things enormously.
Do not get ground Threat Control, though. Seriously.

Originally Posted by omegaher0 View Post
Okay, this is what I have worked out with the skill planner when I get the ship and respec:
There are a few things I do not like about the build, I'll try to explain why.

Bridge Officer Abilities:
You are using three 'Team' abilities, Engineering (twice) and TacTeam. They do share the same cooldown and You might want to change to only one Engineering Team as two abilities can alternate being active all the time whilst a third will be useless. This makes room for another Emergency Power to Shields I.
TacTeam1 is entirely sufficient - I'd let it switch places with Fire at Will at least. Or I'd use an Attack Pattern like Beta or Omega and scratch the torpedo ability for Fire at Will. Attack Patterns help You survive and increase Your overall damage output.
If You are using Auxiliary to Battery I to increase the energy to the subsystems and the cooldown on BOff abilities through rare/very rare Techicians, it makes sense having two abilities of it. Hence scratch the Extend Shields.
This will also reduce Your Auxiliary Power a lot as most of the time the energy will be spend. You will have less hull heals from Hazard Emitters - but that is what the Miracle Worker (and the Engineering Team) are for. Unless You pop an Auxiliary Battery first. Which is why Auxiliary to Structural Integrity will not do much - as there is no Auxiliary Power left (unless You are using a Battery again). Reverse Shield Polarity - or if You think Your shields are holding up enough, Eject Warp Plasma - might be alternatives.

I personally do not like aft torpedoes but that is just me. They can be nice, especially if You have that torpedo ability. Until You have enough Omega or New Romulus Reputation for the Torpedo launchers there, Quantum or Photon torpedoes will be a better choice.
Neutronium Armour helps as it has Kinetic damage resistance - which is what the nasty torpedoes (and tractor beams) do. Perhaps kick out one of the SIF generators? An RCS console might be something instead of the other SIF - if You have difficulties getting Your torpedoes to bear.
Try exchanging the Science consoles to Field Generators as soon as You can.
Most of Your damage will come from the Phasers - so Phaser Relays of the best quality make sense for Your Tactical consoles. I would NOT mix Torpedo consoles in with them and avoid general energy/torpedo consoles at all cost. Go dedicated consoles and get the particular weapon for it.

Also, are the weapons I have okay for now? What can I upgrade to? I wanna keep the phaser energy.
If You go with Phasers, the complete Romulan set will not be that good for You as it does favour Plasma weapons. You do not need to go Plasma, though so yes, You can keep Phasers.
Upgrade to the Kinetic Cutting Beam aft and either the Omega Torpedo OR the Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedo front instead of the current torpedo. Do not forget about the consoles of either set, the Assimilated Console is good enough alone and can easily go in an Engineering slot.

I just looked and it's only unlockable at Tier 2. Looks like a got more grinding to do, as soon as I get the Hyper Romulan Torpedo. I like the ability to cause radiation damage as an added effect. And I'll see if those phaser are available. Where can I find them so I can check?
You can visit Your fleet starbase and head right, there should be an equipment officer. You will need Fleet credits and Dilithium to be able to purchase fleet weaponry and equipment, though. Have a look at the deflectors, shields and engines and the ground weapons while You are there - and do not forget to visit Your fleet embassy on New Romulus sometime, there is a lift to the shuttle hangar near the entrance.
The Romulan Hyper Torpedo does profit most from any Torpedo Skill and DOff - but is very good in PvE even without any skill.