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04-29-2013, 07:46 AM
Hi from the Romulan side!

I'll leave others to debate the relative merits of the other traits, since they do affect everyone. My thoughts on how the space traits affect the Warbirds:

1.) Elusive: Very disappointed to see it wasn't available, but (even if nerfed as suggested) it would be mandatory for anyone wanting to use the battle cloak; when you deliberately drop your shields in combat, you want all the defense you can get. Besides, aren't Rommies supposed to be sneaksy?

2.) Accuracy: I wasn't really sure that it was relevant to Romulans, but as someone pointed out, bonus accuracy becomes crit chance, and that's very Romulan (precision strike after popping stealth). Good to see on the list.

3.) Conservation of Energy: <3 LOVE! <3 During the time I'm uncloaked and picking up singularity charge, I'm also getting my three stacks of +10% damage, making Plasma Shockwave much more damaging, and FINALLY seeing NPCs chewed up by Tractor Beam Repulsors the way I do when they're used on me. I'm looking forward to getting my Mogai Retrofit so I can pack more exotic damage in. (I blasted them with SCIENCE!)

4.) Photonic Capacitor: Photonic Fleet, ESPECIALLY with a reduced cooldown, should provide valuable cover when cloaking (in addition to its usual added DPS and tanking). How Photonic Fleet interacts with the cloak will determine the actual value of this trait; if the fleet vanishes when I cloak, that's bad. If the fleet vanishes when I leave combat because I cloaked, that's not so bad. If the fleet keeps me in combat while cloaked, that could be good or bad depending on the circumstances, but probably closer to good. Pushing my levels now to find out.

5.) Engineer battery trait (whose name apparently has the Elusive trait because it's totally eluding me atm): Given the inherent power penalty for Warbird, but also given that they all come with AT LEAST 3 device slots, I can expect to be using batteries in pinch spots frequently, and the extra power bonus to other systems will definitely help cover that. Since it also adds during EPtX, if I slot the Maintenance Exocomp and a purple Warp Core Specialist DOff, I could get quite the power spike from this trait. Well worth it.

6.) Miracle Worker reset trait: Less useful than Photonic Capacitor, but would add a much appreciated level of survivability to my eng captain in Elite STFs, where one-shot-invisitorps fly freely.

No real comments on the ground traits.

Regarding the UI, I agree that traits you're not yet eligible for should show up greyed out so you can plan ahead with your trait choices.