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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
It it really that bad in STO? In TOR (the only other MMO I play) people from the queues (team finder) don't have such problems. Default choice, as far as I noticed, is greed, with need chosen only if someone really needs something for himself. Some choose need for stuff for their companions, but really - most of rolls I usually see are greeds.

What's so bad in STO players, that they behave like dicks?
I think it is more of a system that because there will be one player who will always need even if they don't really need it in a PUG then everyone will just need to keep it fair. Since there is no loot drop bind on pickup items anymore and it is very easy to send to an alt, you can't prove that someone does not need that item. Plus 99% of loot in STO is classless unlike TOR where you can say "hey you are a bounty hunter what do you need a Jedi item for?".

In all the premade groups I've played in only a couple of times has anyone still needed on everything after agreeing on our "Need only if you REALLY Need" policy. And they didn't get to play with our fleet ever again.
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