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04-29-2013, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
So no one here can offer me some ideas or what they think?
I like the idea of using the spiral wave disruptors. Only downside is the costs!

This is my build .

Current doffs:
1x purple Technician, 2x blue Technician, 1x blue Warp Core Engineer, 1x Energy Weapons Officer (beam variant)

Wanted doffs:
2x purple Technician, 1x purple Warp Core Engineer, 1x Marion Frances Dulmur, 1x purple Hazard System Officer (Brace for Impact) or 1x Quartermaster if you do PvP

I've recently updated to the Fleet Assault cruiser which gave me another tac console which I filled with another disruptor booster.
Aux2bat is awesome for PvE where you don't really have to worry about aux power when you are not using it.
In PvP it works great as long as they don't figure out that you are running an a2b build. If they do figure it out you can always get a bat doff and use aux batteries to fix the problem.