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04-29-2013, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
This is more of an art related thing, but I noticed how the warp nacelle grille colour on Romulan vessels on test have a more "solid" green texture to them, so could we have a visual element added to the new Starfleet and KDF warp cores that change the way your starship warp nacelle grilles look, similar to how the Aegis or MACO sets change the texture of your ship?

I wouldn't mind seeing more solid shades of blue and red colours for Starfleet and KDF ships, rather than the blue/white and red/white we currently get. If people don't like the looks of them, they would have the option of disabling the effect similar to how other visual elements associated with equipment is currently handled in-game.
That's a great idea, though I would love to have the option of a Gold Warp field grill.

So if not tying it to the core, then perhaps an option in the tailor? I actually like the first option. Though both would be good too.

Perhaps unlocking ship tailor options in the same way we unlock STF armor clothes in the tailor.
Yes I support This

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