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Well said.
I say poorly said, but Trek fans has been saying **** Series is not Trek since TOS went off the air.

Fun facts about TWOK, Roddenberry considered it to be not canon due to disagreements with the director. TWOK was a soft reboot of Trek (The director wanted to showcase younger actors-Saavik was the only one that made it and a new ship-eventually the Excelsior) and it ignored the events of TMP. The movie had Spock die at the beginning due to a script leak that said Spock died at the end, similar to what we have now.

About CGI and Special Effects, in its time, TWOK had a lot and included some of the first CGI to appear in film (Genesis sequence). Like George Lucas has said about Star Wars, if they had today's technology, they would've have used it.

TWOK was just a revenge film, plain and simple. I do agree however it was the actors that made the film what it was, all that comardarie between them was awesome. From Kirk's Arent You Dead to McCoy's What's holding up the damn elevator. The best part of the film for me was when Scotty brought his dying nephew to the bridge.