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First of all, seems to me you weren't helping at all. Second, humility is a lost art hehe. I've had people that weren't familiar with build synergy as well and I did such a better job with them by being humble and personal when I approached them. Third, it's not you vs them, you were also part of the team you know?
I knew it will be a mess when I had to herd them toward shooting the trans - they would probably turn it into Hundred Years War if the D'kora guy or me weren't there. Since STF was completed with optional failed by about 2 minutes, I guess I was helping them after all.

Second, I wasn't excessively rude, I wasn't speaking in Capslock. That guy added me to ignore list because he didn't understand what I was PMing him about. Well, I guess he has to learn about "build synergy" the hard way, if ever.

I did close to 1k STFs, overwhelming majority of it pugging, getting optional in decent time in most cases, and I genuinely want to play more of them. This means STFs are still an entertainment for me. You can't blame me if I get additional kicks out of them.
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