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04-29-2013, 10:05 AM
Well,after reading this thread I think I will start needing on everything aswell; be it an (borg) stf or just a regular fleetaction...

Yesterday I saw a purple mkXI monotanium drop in starbase 24... I needed ('Need') it, but so did everybody else; result is I got a stack of airmolecules in my inventory but not that thing I wanted (to sell...).

And yes, I am playing in public que's.

I like to think of myself of 'being correct; the nice guy'.
Well, I can take only so much bull****, so I will start to rob everybody of their chance for a decent drop (that they will most probably also sell... that guy with the purple mono probably made a good ec out of it...)

This is it. From now on I will N E E D everything, even if its just a friggin' white, common mkX phaser array... Its all ec...

Dont blame me, blame the game...