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Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
what make it different from JJTrek?
The fact that Kirk was a seasoned veteran officer who had earned the respect of his comrades and the right to lead them, perhaps?

That's the big problem I have with JJ Trek. Kirk does nothing to justify sitting in that chair. Had they chased after Nero straight from Vulcan with his nebulous, undefined plan to "get aboard" the Narada and "take it over" like he insisted, they'd have all been killed, since at this point he had no way of getting aboard (no transwarp beaming). If he had even suggested that they somehow try to ambush the Narada and survive combat with it long enough to destroy its drilling platform, it would've been better.

The movie tried to shove down our throats that this guy should be the captain just because he's James T. Kirk. But the Prime Universe Kirk earned his captaincy, JJ's Kirk just goaded Spock into attacking him and then relied on Scotty & Chekov to get him aboard the Narada, and Spock to steal the red matter and disable Nero's weapon.

I appreciate you can't replicate three TV seasons of Kirk's captaincy in one movie, but you could've tried a bit harder. Even on his debut TV Kirk looks like he belongs in that chair more because he makes ultimately makes the decision that Mitchell, his best friend, is too dangerous and has to be stranded outside the galatic barrier. Also he's not an arrogant little git.

They can repair this by having him learn some humility in the new one, but they could've portrayed him better in the first place.