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I will avoid discussing specifics since I have already been warned about posting correspondence from Cryptic or PWE Customer Service but I have to ask why is it taking so long to get a response from Customer Service (GM?) for my tickets?

The standard email from Customer Service when filing a ticket says response within 3-4 business days, however, I have [Incident: 130413-000688] which was first submitted on April 13th and a related [Incident: 130413-000688] on April 15th. I have subsequently submitted several email followups asking for the status. I realize everyone is working hard on LoR and according to Mr. Geko's recent podcast other in-game issues, but even a, "we're sorry it is taking so long to respond to your ticket, please rest assured that your request will be addressed" would go a long way in reassuring me that my tickets and emails have not just disappeared into the great unknown.

In fact, these tickets (again without getting into specifics) are directly related to a non-response from an earlier [Incident: 130404-000169] created on April 4th which was inadvertently labeled Solved by Customer Service.

I am following proper protocol and even the advice of a senior member of the company in filing these tickets. I feel belittled, ignored, and extremely frustrated as I believe I have done everything reasonable to get my issue resolved. Will someone from Cryptic/Support who reads these forums please help me out here?