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Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
I think you have some very interesting ideas, especially about the Ha'apax. Though I think many people would consider them OP. But if they added boff station setups like these, I think that might justify the -10 to all power levels the devs were looking at before.

Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
Now do not take it personally...but the fact you want cmd tac and 4/5 tac consoles on most of your ship layouts should tell the devs what average player thinks and what is seriously wrong with the game. Dps dps dps dps dps dps dps moaaar dps.
The devs took this game in a traditional mmo direction instead of more of a massively multiplayer simulation. This resulted in turning escorts into the only ships that really feel the most like a real star trek ship, firing off volleys and spreads of torpedoes (because torpedo launchers don't fire spreads or volleys by default, requiring a skill) while using attack patterns, the occasional emergency power to this an auxiliary power to that. -Typical star trek combat.

Cruisers have so few tactical boff stations that they can't really use a variety of attack patterns or fire spreads and volleys of torpedoes on a consistent basis, which is something they could do in the shows and fans expect to be able to do in the game. They have so few tactical skills available to them that they must typicall choose between a torpedo spread or a fire at will, they can't have both (especially since tac team is a required tac skill.) They also rely on gimmicky abilities (eject warp plasma, extend shields) and can some how magically transfer their auxiliary power to someone else's structural integrity field, things that were very rarely/never seen in any show or movie. Abilities that don't make up for their insane lack of damage potential in a game that is all about combat.

Science ships rely on 'space magic' that was practically never used in any show. Voyager did manage to open a rift into fluidic space, but summon a gravity well or a tykens rift? Yeah... no. Could voyager stop a borg cube with a tractor beam? Definitely not. Voyager did maneuver in attack patterns though and could fire volleys and spreads of torpedoes, but can she really do that in this game? no.

I think this is why people want more tac spots, they want to be able to do significant amounts of damage without having to resort to extremely convoluted builds that compromise the dev's intent for their ship, a compromise that typically makes them all around mediocre instead of just generally unnecessary/gimped. I think people are annoyed that escorts rather effortlessly do significant damage while every other ship requires so much more work to achieve less results.

So long as the devs look at this game in typical mmo terms, having "classes" that severely pigeonhole you in one direction or another, the damage dealer (escort), the tank (cruiser), and the healer/mage (science vessel), We're going to have problems, because star trek didn't work that way. And more so because the tank and healer aren't required in this game as escorts have enough healer and enough tank in them that the other three points of the trinity are essentially moot.