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Why am I not surprised. None of the klingon players here have mentioned carrying a Lt. Science Bridge officer with charged particle burst I. Sure you lose Transfer Shield Strength II, but with CPB you can knock a bird of prey out of cloak before they are ready to attack. There is something very satisfying about knocking a bird of prey out of cloak during their prep phase.

Aye, I run a fleet patrol escort like a bird of prey (High Yield III/Beam Overload III with High Yield I/Overload II) and I rarely see anyone else doing the same. It's probably due to the difficulty in dropping torps though an enemy shield when it's not a surprise attack. However it does make an effective anti bird of prey measure after you've hit them with charged particle burst.
I usually use a different type of CPB against the BoP... Chunky Peanut Butter in their exhaust pipes!
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