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04-29-2013, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by cptshephard View Post
I used to do the whole "Need it if I need it, greed it if I don't" fair play rule in PuGs.

Then I realized everyone else was needing on everything, so now in PuGs I default to need. Otherwise you'll never get anything. A situation isn't fair when you're the only one being fair.
used to do that too, after a while i realized i was leaving mission after mission with no drops what so ever
so then i decided to do some searching on need/greed here on the forum and saw another thread like this that explained it, then i realized all those times i was being nice and hitting greed... i was giving the items away with no hope to get any of them

so from then on, always need

ofc the exception are missions i do with my fleet, then its usually round robin
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